15 Signs You’re An Avid Reader

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avid reader

Food is important for our body, so is a good book for our soul. A man who read books is often by himself yet never alone.

avid reader

avid reader

Here is a list of fifteen things that all book lovers would relate to:

  1. Everything from brand tag to bus ticket becomes a bookmark for you!
  2. You have such a variety of books, your bookshelf is flooding and now you simply have random spots on the floor where the books have been stacked.
  3. And nothing can beat the refreshing smell of a new book.
  4. You know Just4Rent is your best friend, because the wish of shopping more for less, just came true. And that you rent books from Just4Rent you automatically feel wise!
  5. For you; Books > Entire Universe. You are not anti-social, but reading anyways is your preferred social activity.
  6. If you go too long without reading or buying a book you feel a huge sense of missing and are thinking about whenever you can escape to a book shop or library.
  7. You share your favorite book quotes on social media and have either a Pinterest board or Tumblr or maybe Instagram for these quotes.
  8. Every Time you have to name something, it's instantly sourced from one of your most loved books. Cats, dogs, your bag, future kids, and so on are all fair game. You trust your better half or future mate knows they're just going to deal with it.
  9. When you're out or on public transport and see somebody reading, you generally attempt and discover the title of what they're reading. If you can't make out the title you get somewhat irritated. You're simply curious what other individuals are into.
  10. Let's be honest - you judge people who read things like 50 Shades of Gray. You know you just be upbeat people are at least reading by any means, but you secretly wish you could propose 10 other better books out there they'd most likely be into.
  11. When somebody asks you what your fave book is and ask you to pick only one, you go blind.
  12. And when you’re reading a damn good book, you forget to eat, sleep or even blink.
  13. You save pennies for buying the next series of your fave novel.
  14. You like your books bound and printed, and Kindle does not light any flame with you.
  15. When somebody speaks bad about one of your most loved writers you in a split second get defensive and suggest them, they should go at reading another edition of them.


If you travel the world to the far corners of your bedroom, then you have Just4Rent to continue.

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