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How to post free ad on just4rent.in

Today I am going to show you how to post free ad on just4rent.

What you need to accomplish this ? Internet, Phone or Computer, Product to put on rent.

It is as simple as it is seen.

So of we go by Clicking on post free ad button on homepage of Justrent.in - Rental Market Place


Now it Leads us to a Page where you need to fill the details of product such as Select Category, add title like Laptop for rent, add some description and than post price and deposit amount you want.

Than you need to upload some images of product, which makes it easy for customer to decide to rent it or not.

After that you need to fill some personal details so that customer canĀ  contact you.

just4rent.in post free ad

just4rent.in post free ad

just4rent.in post free adjust4rent.in post free ad just4rent.in post free ad


And than click on submit button.

After than one verification email will be sended to your email account which just one time process and after that you can easily post new ad's on just4rent.in

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